About us

Markusfilm was established in 2008, in Prague, Czech Republic (Central Europe). Our mission is to enrich the world with videos and photos that people will never forget. We also produce events which are attended by thousands of people.

We look forward to collaborating with you, together we will create something special!

Mobile: +420 736 427 252 (Mon-Fri 9-18)

E-mail: info@markusfilm.com

Markusfilm´s team

Mgr. Marek Dvořák (Markus) ()

Mgr. Marek Dvořák (Markus)

Producer and director. He has participated in a number of commercials and music videos. He founded the festival CineTube - which gives YouTubers a chance to meet their fans and screen their short films in movie theatres.

Bc. Tereza Kubová    ()

Bc. Tereza Kubová

Production and PR.

Dominik Zítka  ()

Dominik Zítka

Cameraman. He has shot commercials for Bohemia Chips, Toors and many others. He also has experience shooting a commercial in Los Angeles.

Bc. Jakub Dušek   ()

Bc. Jakub Dušek

Cameraman. He shot commercials for RYOR, Kostelecké uzeniny, Paintballgame and many more. His likes to create sport and outdoor videos.

Ati   ()


One of the most followed Czech YouTubers. He’s created and edited adverts for Albi, which reaches hundreds of thousands of people. He plays an important role in editing and creating  our viral videos.

Mgr. Diana Walsh   ()

Mgr. Diana Walsh

Production and PR. She externally arranges all necessary preparations for filming and she even played in some videos.

NejFake   ()


One of the most popular YouTubers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His channel has over 500,000 subscribers. He’s written scripts for commercials for Albi and Rockstar. Important adviser for creating successful viral videos.

Jakub Janča  ()

Jakub Janča

Cameraman and editor. He has participated in the Cash crew project and many other commercials.

Tereza Žižková  ()

Tereza Žižková


Tomáš Grus   ()

Tomáš Grus

Cameraman who specializes in shooting music clips. He has shot dozens of clips for artists like Sharkass, Reppy and others that have collected hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. He has also been involved in shooting commercials and is working with YouTubers to create their content.

David Farrao  ()

David Farrao

Cameraman. He specializes in shooting events and weddings.

Ing. Tomáš Juřík (Magog)   ()

Ing. Tomáš Juřík (Magog)

Programmer and visual effects specialist. In his free time enjoys traveling and shooting videos on YouTube.

Vojtěch Chalupa   ()

Vojtěch Chalupa

Actor. He has played in dozens of ads, for example, for Albi, G4S and others. 

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