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Making of music videos

In today's article we will be happy to take a look behind the scenes of making music videos. The first music video is for the band called Interpret neznámý and the second one for the American produ...

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Film equipment - what do we use in Markusfilm?

What kind of film equipment do we use in Markusfilm? That's what a lot of people ask us, both clients and job seekers, so we decided to write an article about it. :) Of course it depends on the typ...

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Live stream from events - how much does it cost?

How much does a professional live stream from a company event, gala evening or sports match cost? What factors matter? We have put together 3 important criteria for determi...

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How much does it cost to shoot a commercial?

How much does it cost to shoot social media ad, cinema ad, e-shop animations, or even a YouTube campaign with many videos? We will tell you all in...

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Video production - 5 things that good video production should have

Are you looking for video production for shooting advertising, music clip, product video or event? Not sure what criteria to decide? Then read on. :) In this article, you will learn...

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